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Leandro Erlich
León Ferrari
Jorge Caterbetti
Jorge Gumier Maier
Julio Le Parc
Leonel Luna
Jorge Macchi
Jorge Orta
Jorge & Lucy Orta
Pablo Reinoso
Diana Schufer
Mónica Van Asperen
Mario Verandi

Contemporary Argentine art
at 49 Belgrave Square

Casa Abierta/Open House Exhibition aims to bring together some of the most important Argentine and Argentine-related contemporary artists into the intimate setting of the Ambassador’s Residence at 49 Belgrave Square.

Artistic performances will take place during the nine-day exhibition including an Argentine banquet, the projection of luminographic paintings on the Residence’s facade and a series of conversations between the curator and the artists. Installations, sound pieces, light projections, video, sculpture and paintings will be presented. The exhibition includes works by Jorge Caterbetti, Leandro Erlich, León Ferrari, Artmongersr, Jorge Gumier Maier, Julio Le Parc, Leonel Luna, Jorge Macchi, Jorge and Lucy Orta, Pablo Reinoso, Diana Schufer, Mónica Van Asperen and Mario Verandi.

The Residence and Casa Abierta/Open House Exhibition will be part of the London Open House architectural event during the weekend of 16–17 September.


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