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Nicola Costantino
(Rosario, 1964)

Studied Fine Arts in Rosario, the city where she studied the reproduction of natural human and animal bodies. In 1995 she travelled to Houston, where she participated in the Core Program and started the production of human skin made of silicone to manufacture dresses. In 1997 she presented her Chanchobolas (Hog-Balls), a symbolic work from her animal sculpture line. Peletería humana (Human Furrier) was the Argentine work sent to the Sao Paulo Biennial in 1998. This work also participated in the First Liverpool Biennial, and Jeffrey Deitch invited the artist to turn his gallery in Soho into a boutique in September 2000. While in New York, the MoMA included in its collection a corset with men’s nipples.

After that, she also exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires and Fundación Miró in Barcelona. In 2004 she presented Animal Motion Planet and Savon de Corps at the Malba, the latter being a soap containing 3% of her own fat, obtained by liposuction. From that moment onwards Nicola’s role as protagonist became the essence of her production. When she met Gabriel Valansi in 2006, she entered the world of photography with two different types of projects: a series that refers back to important works in the history of photography and art, and another one in which there is an element of her imagination or identity as an artist. In “Trailer”, her latest production presented in 2010, influenced by pregnancy, she adds the value of her experience as a sculptor in order to make a double of herself.


Nicola and her double at the beach (after Hoyningen-Huene)

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