26th May 2017  
Security Minister Patricia Bullrich visits the Embassy

During her visit to London, Argentina’s Security Minister Patricia Bullrich met with Argentine Ambassador and Embassy staff in order to identify areas for bilateral cooperation with the UK in the field of civil security and to run through various aspects of the Embassy’s work.

With Ambassador Carlos Sersale and his team, they discussed the various plans to promote cooperation that the Embassy has been spearheading alongside the UK in the area of security. Particular mention was given to the issues that National Crime Agency and Home Office experts worked on during their training workshops in Buenos Aires.

Potential plans for bilateral cooperation in the organisation of upcoming international events to be held in Argentina were also discussed. These included the 2017 World Trade Organisation conference and G20 meetings to take place throughout 2018.

Areas of mutual interest with the UK were also discussed, such as human trafficking, flood control, and fire prevention and firefighting strategies.

The trip constitutes another step towards improving public security in Argentina.