9 June 2016 TOURISM
Seminar ‘Argentina by you’.

On 9th June, the Embassy and the National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) co-organised a seminar based on the campaign ‘Argentina by you’. Guests included travel industry professionals that were in London participating from the Experience Latin America Fair (ELA).

The INPROTUR’s European Market Coordinator, Maria Nazareth Vilardo presented ‘new destinations’, i.e destinations less well known to the British traveller such as Esteros del Iberá or Las Salinas.

There were 69 participants including local tour operators, wholesalers, Argentine DMCs, travel writers and airlines representatives as well as two representatives from the Buenos Aires City Tourism Board, Gonzalo Robledo and Fernando Amer.

  Ambassador Sersale di Cerisano with Gonzalo Robredo, Fernando Amer and Maria Nazaret.