4 June 2016 CULTURE
Storytelling on the Bicentennial of the Independence at the Argentine Embassy.

Last Saturday June 4th was held at the Embassy an event of storytelling for kids, in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Argentine Independence and with the objective of promote our national culture amongst the children of the argentine residents.

The first event was the radio theatre ¨Los super cuentos de la independencia”, with script and production by Marita Cirigliano y Vanesa Fognani especially for this occasion. In this radio theatre, eight year old Lorenzo and six year old Matilda, visit the workshop of their grandfather Andrés, who restores old manuscripts. Andrés tells them stories from the Independence perior, and the imagination of the kids transforms their grandfather´s story into an incredible tale where the men from the past are transformed into superheroes.

Afterwards the kids could watch the animated short film “Viaje a Marte”, directed and written by Juan Pablo Zaramella based on the original by Mario Rulloni.

The event was organized by the Argentine Embassy to the United Kingdom, the Argentine Consulate in London and the Ango-Argentine Society, and was enjoyed by lots of children and their parents.

  Some of the children at the event.