22 March 2016 TRADE
The Embassy of Argentina opens its doors to Argentine entrepreneurs.

The Official Residence of the Argentine Ambassador to the United Kingdom opened its doors to showcase the first ‘smart’ suitcase. Bluesmart, a company set up by Argentine entrepreneurs, with the support of Silicon Valley investors, unveiled the first suitcase to possess in-built GPS technology. This, among other ingenious features, led critics to hail it as "the iPhone of suitcases".

Ambassador R. Carlos Sersale di Cerisano gave a few short words of welcome to a large gathering that included many private investors. Following this, Bluesmart’s founders, Tomi Pierucci and Diego Saez-Gil, presented the product in a precursor to the official launch set to take place next week in Selfridges. 

  Ambassador Carlos Sersale with Bluesmart’s founders at the presentation of the “smart suitcase”.