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Escolaso Tango Trio England Tour

Date and Venue: 8 March at Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge CB2 1TQ and 11 March at Negracha Tango School, 4 Wild Court, Holborn, London WC2B 4AU


Escolaso Tango Trio was born in 2002 to create a space for musicians raised under the classical school, but with strong roots in popular music.


Escolaso is integrated by Mariano Mattar, Andrés Guzmán and Damián Cortés.


Their first record, "Escolaso" (2004), has a repertoire that ranges from tangos and traditional milongas to Astor Piazzola's songs.


The trio was invited to distinguished festivals such as the "Open Strings 2007" (Osnabrück, Germany) and in March 2009 Escolaso was selected for the VIII World Tango Summit held in Bariloche, Argentina.


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Argentine Movies at the ¡Viva! Spanish and Latin American Film Festival

Venue: Cornerhouse, 70 Oxford Street, Manchester M1 5NH



Dos Hermanos - 2001

Thursday, March 10th at 1.30 pm and Sunday, March 20th at 6.20 pm

Directed by Daniel Burman

It is the tragicomic tale of two siblings dealing with the death of their mother. Veterans of Argentine cinema and TV, Graciela Borges and Antonio Gasalla, reveal complex love-hate relationships within the family with perfect comic timing, as the manipulative sister persuades her docile and repressed brother to relocate from Buenos Aires to one of her misguided property purchases across the river in Uruguay.


El Asaltante - 2007

Sunday, March 6th at 6.20 pm

Directed by Pablo Fendrik

The action of "El Asaltante" takes place over a two and a half hour period, just at the crucial moment when a long-prepared plan is about to be executed. As the camera closely follows his actions, the viewer becomes a privileged witness to one man’s most intimate moments of anxiety and desperation, to the seconds that precede a life or death decision.

¡Viva! is pleased to welcome director Pablo Fendrik for post-screening Q&A session.

Por Sus Propios Ojos - 2007

Monday, March 7th at 6.20 pm

Directed by Liliana Paolinelli

For her college thesis, film student Alicia is making a documentary about women related to prisoners in the local jail. The only problem is no one is willing to be interviewed on camera. In comes Elsa, a desperate woman whose son has recently been arrested for petty crime. Elsa will grant Alicia an interview, only if she visits Luis in jail. But when Alicia makes the visit, her world collapses.


El último verano de la Boyita - 2009

Tuesday, 22nd March 6.20 pm and Thursday, March 24th 6.30 pm

Directed by Julia Solomonoff

This is a coming-of-age story with an unusual angle on gender politics. Set in the open plains of the Argentine Pampas, where Jorgelina spends her first summer holiday apart from her newly adolescent older sister. She finds close companionship with Mario, a young ranch hand and expert horse rider. A surprising revelation that greatly disturbs the adults only serves to bring the two friends closer together.


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Transtango - Urban Encounters

Date: March 31st to April 2nd, 2011


Venue: Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9AG


A host perfomance uniting three cities in music, film and dance.


Transtango is a unique combination of London-based jazz with contemporary Argentine tango.


It celebrates the creativity of different people and cultures melding in today's great cities. This week sees a heady mix of concerts, film and dance that tells the story of the city. Be prepared for an intoxicating new blend of contemporary tango and jazz.


- Thursday, March 31st: Transtango

- Friday, April 1st: Transamba

- Saturday, April 2nd: Transtango Talks.


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Pinta - The Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art Show

Date: 6-9 June 2011


Venue: Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, Warwick Road, London SW5 9TA


PINTA is a unique event to discover the best of contemporary and modern Latin American Art.


For the second time in London, over fifty art galleries from the Americas and Europe will be showcasing an exciting range of works by established and emerging Latin American Artists.


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